Sunday, January 6, 2013

Fear and Inhibition

Finch Flight (Carduelis tristis) - Pasadena, CA
Canon 5D mark iii + Canon 300 f2.8L IS w/ Canon 1.4x Converter
This craft, photography, can be defined in so many ways. 
It is...
...a form of pure journalism when the photograph captures the “decisive moment,” a proverbial blip in time.
...a narrative, when the photograph tells a story about a place and time.
...a form of commerce, when the photograph captures its subject and portrays an ideal that can be bought and sold.
...a form of expression, when the photograph is a tool used by an artist to convey an idea or abstraction that resides within.
Sharks Love Popcorn - New York City Aquarium
Fuji X100
To the working stiff, this craft is a hobby, an outlet for the weekend warrior who is trapped by the constraints of life, career, and time. Yet we, the amateurs of the world, have the least to lose by taking a risk and still, we  tend to play it safe. We stay in our comfort zone rarely look beyond our strengths. 
Years Later at Ground Zero - New York City
Fuji X100
Guilty as charged, this is my modus operandi. I travel, document untouched ecosystems, avoid people and photograph large charismatic mammals. Shrouded behind a veil, I stay within my predefined limits and protect myself by hiding the experiments. Sadly, this is also a formula for quieting creativity, innovation and growth. My craft requires an adventuresome spirit and desire to take a risk, bug fear of acrimony or ridicule inhibits the urge. So here it is, the New Year and the requisite Resolution. 
Green and Gold (Carduelis tristis) - Pasadena California
Canon 5D mark iii + Canon 300 f2.8L IS w/ Canon 1.4x Converter
“I Bruce Leventhal will continue to push myself beyond my comfort zone, and I will share the experiments that I too often hide from my peers.”

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