Monday, April 29, 2013

Found It!

Fairy Falls - Stillwater, MN
Canon 5D mark iii + Canon 17-40L @ f16
On March 23 my blog was a plea for some relief. 
Winter 2013 had us all by the short hairs, its relentless grip was wearing on the collective psyche. While climate change deniers are likely to hail this frigid blip as evidence of global cooling, I'm not up for the debate nor the battle, I just want spring.

To celebrate a respite from Minnesota's longest season, I took a hike on this 64 ℉ day. Birds chirped a hesitant song in a way that mimicked my own trepidations. I've been the fool too many times this year, and I fear that its not over yet. Sure the trees were budding, but while walking up this river carved canyon, I couldn't help wonder if the weather gods were still planning a bit of fun. 

I found spring... it's warm today, but I'm not predicting anything about tomorrow. 

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