Friday, April 5, 2013


Lake Kabetogama - Voyageurs NP
Canon 1Ds II + Canon 70-200 f4.0L
During my Project 101 series I suggested 101 tips for making nature photographs. While none of my ideas were revolutionary, I tried to challenge set paradigms for image making and offer suggestions that might spark the inner creative. The articulation of my process was a great reflective exercise that continues to influence my own photography. 
Sol Duc River - Olympic NP
Nikon D100 + Nikkor 50mm f1.4

I find picture making to be an intensely personal experience, as it often exposes a sensitivity to the world that I tend to suppress in my public life. With this in mind, I will use the next five posts to share some work that I rarely show. These pictures exhibit purposeful imperfections of technique in order to suggest something a bit more. The “it” in each image is less significant that the whole that is displayed. More than anything, these pictures are more about light, shadow and pattern than anything else.  
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