Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tip #77: National Parks

Badlands NP Series - South Dakota
Canon 50D + Canon 17-40mmL @ 17mm

Solitude - Space - Time
Photographer Seeking Unique Landscapes
Space to Wander
Wildlife to Discover
Waiting for creativity and inspiration to emanate from the abyss often feels like an eternity. Vision mongers, artisans and seers seeking the creative muse can succumb to feelings of hopelessness that perpetuate the void. Breaking your creative fast is only a short road-trip away. Nearly every country, state or province is dotted by national parks, monuments or refuges. These relics of a pre-settlement past will jumpstart the muse, inspire the lost, and refresh your vision.
Find your park, pitch a tent, paddle a kayak and chase some light.
Dreaming of Ferns - Fern Canyon Redwood National Park
From Life in A VW Campervan 2007
Reprocessed in Topaz B&W Effects (soft diffusion)
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